Other Books by the Author

Information and Entropy Econometrics: A Review and Synthesis
by Amos Golan

This book covers the basics of information theoretic methods in econometrics and the connecting theme among these methods. Generalized Maximum Entropy, the sub-class of methods that treat observed sample moments as stochastic, is covered in greater detail.

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Maximum Entropy Econometrics: Robust Estimation with Limited Data
by Amos Golan, George G. Judge, and Douglas Miller

This books present a new set of generalized entropy techniques designed to recover information about economic systems. Maximum Entropy Econometrics provides a new basis for learning from ill-posed or underdetermined models and problems in which the data are partial or incomplete.

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Estimating Market Power and Strategies
by Jeffrey M. Perloff, Larry S. Karp, and Amos Golan

This book shows economists how to estimate the ability of firms to raise their prices above their costs and how to estimate firms' strategies.

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